Artikelnummer 53109

LAGGIES Gleiswendel-Komplettbausatz, Aufbaukreis,


Gleisradius 515 / 579,3 mm,
1- oder 2-gleisig,
Aufbaukreis, 6 Segmente = 1 Kreis,
Etagenhöhe: 87 mm

geeignet für: 
Märklin C, Trix C


Dieses Produkt ist geeignet für Maßstab:
  • G
  • 0
  • 1
  • H0
  • H0m
  • H0e
  • TT
  • N
  • Z
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What exactly is a LAGGIES Helix?

A Helix is a spiral, on which a train can run from one level to another higher or lower one - meaning the train runs upwards or downwards on the Helix. The Helix has a consistant incline so that the train can even overcome big differences in height.

When do I need a Helix?
The possible applications many-fold and diverse. Here are some examples:

  • Getting to a higher or lower level
  • Reaching a station under the installation
  • Connect to installations of different heights

How is it ensured that the train don't go of the rails on the Helix?
The Helix's outer inlcine is roughly 3 mm higher than the inner incline. This makes the train run a lot more stable and securely on the Helix and it reduces the friction.

Which variations of LAGGIES Helix are there?
There are Helix for the H0 and the N model railway scale - exactly modelled to met the individual railway scales' requirements. All Helix can be set up to be used clock wise as well as counter clock wise.

How can I overcome even bigger height differences with the Helix?
Every Helix needs a so-called Basic Helix. This Basic Helix includes the entrance and the exit of the Helix. On each of these Basic Helix additional Helix can be added, until the desired height is reached.

What does a LAGGIES Helix Kits include?
A kit contain carefully crafted track segments made from 4 mm high plywood as well as compatible stands and holders.

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